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Spillers Pantomimes is a leading Pantomime Production Company, with many years of experience.  We specialise in producing 'bespoke' pantomimes for theatres the length and breadth of the country.


With over 25 years of experience in the field we are well respected in the industry and have a flawless track record.  Our pantomimes are


  • Modern 
  • Trendy 
  • Breathtaking 
  • Spectacular 
  • Funny
  • Professional 
  • Affordable 


Whether you already have a pantomime and are looking for a new Producer, you're planning to increase your revenue with a Professional show or you just want to discuss the potential of a Professional Pantomime - Why not give us a call.


We are a friendly, Professional company and we are here to help.


Bev Berridge, Lisa Jayn Gordon and Kay Spillers





The 2019-20 Pantomime Season is over, and already here at Spillers, preparations are well under way for the 2020-21 season


Scenery is being built, refurbished, painted and most importantly - Glittered!


Costumes are being sewn, hemmed and braided


Music is being sourced, orchestrated and rehearsed


Scripts are being written.


At Spillers we take great care over each one of our venues.  Production Managers are currently looking at all aspects of their productions and planning for the season ahead.  


We would be delighted to talk to you and create for you a 'Magical Fairy Story' - That the audience's love and your accountant adores!


Why not give us a call...............


Kay Spillers

Managing Director

Previus Productions 









This years productions include - 









Bognor Regis

















Spillers Pantomimes

The Old Post Office

Honey Tye 


Suffolk, CO6 4NX


e-mail bev.berridge@btinternet.com


Tel: 07785 327006


Casting info below....




Casting for the 2020 - 21 panto season is now almost complete.  We are just looking for a 'Scottish Baddie' and then the casting will be over.    Any artistes who are interested in working for us next year are asked to forward CV & Pictures to us in the first week of April 2020. (Please send CV and pictures to us at - info@spillers-pantomimes.co.uk)   As ever, we are always on the look out for talented new artistes.  


Of course we still have many artistes with us who have worked for us for several years.





Juvenile dance auditions normally take place at our venues in August or September each year.  Please keep an eye on this website for details later in the year. 




We will require professional girl and boy dancers next season - We will let you know when we want to see who is out there!


John Spillers 


It is with great regret and sadness that we announce the passing of John Spillers.  John took his final curtain call on 25th June 2017.  




Rest in Peace Mr Spillers



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